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Letitioneers comments
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Letitioneers comments

Comments from some of the Letitioneers - March 2024.

  • My four children and their partners and seven grandchildren are awaiting your response that you will perform your duty of care responsibilities
  • Alicia, you know that Canberrans are desperate for serious climate action, and Duty of Care legislation would help stop the huge new coal and gas projects that Labor is shamefully currently supporting, Will you stand up for your constituents and all young people and support a Duty of Care?
  • Concerned citizens, possibly particularly potential Labor/Greens/Independent voters, are watching this issue with concern. Please, for everyone’s sake, support the Duty of Care legislation.
  • I thank you for reading and trust you will work in the best interests of the future.
  • Ged, I know you care about the climate emergency and the devastating impact that it will have on future generations unless governments make climate action their first priority. Please do not let party politics prevent you from supporting this Bill.
  • Supporting Duty of Care Bill is so important for our childrens future and intergenerational equity.
  • Please consider this request.
  • This is Parliament’s chance to undo the evil of Sussan Ley claiming no duty if care for Australian children
  • Young Australians are seeking recognition of the dire situation that our decisions have put them in and need governments to act in their interests
  • Politicians are failing to keep our young people safe from a dangerously warming climate. Stop new fossil fuel projects now.
  • This is all about the world in which your kids/grandkids will have to struggle. It’s way too important for politics
  • David, will you be standing up for climate action this year or are you prepared to see your seat go to an independent at the next election?
  • In addressing climate change, time is of the essence. The urgency to act has never been greater.
  • I am fighting for the future of my grandson, who has just turned 11. Please save his future.
  • I am a grandfather of four. Australia must act urgently to avoid the dangers of climate change to our children.
  • As a grandfather with 6 grandchildren I have a duty of care to pass on the best possible world.  As my member yoou have the same duty of care to your electorate.  All the best to find opportunities to help.
  • If the current parliament takes no action, who will? and when?
  • This Bill could be an important step to tackling the climate crisis.
  • Please be informed that I am father of three children who is very concerned about the global climate crisis and the future. This crisis is essentially coursed by the continuous pumping of carbon into the atmosphere.
  • I very strongly feel that the rising CO2 levels are a disaster. Rising temperatures are going to effect many generations to come. If you and governments continue to open more and more coal and gas developments where will it end. It will kill us all.
  • Senator Ciccone, please raise your voice in caucus in support of this bill.
  • Richard, you have children yourself. As a dad, don't you think you have a duty of care to your own children? Surely you do. Why should it be any different for "Richard the Politician"? We are in an emergency and it is time you step up to your responsibility as our elected leader.
  • I do not live in your electorate, but I wish to add my voice to the climate groups who meet with you on this matter. The climate and environmental situation is at crisis point.
  • I feel concerned about this issue - please read the letter attached.
  • I cannot see why the government supports fossil fuel exploration when anything built will be "stranded" by its completion.
  • Peter, I sincerely hope you will urge for a climate change levy on the fossil fuel industry.
  • G’day Richard,
    The climate crisis we face is real & worsening each day. Labor currently isn’t doing enough to counter it. Real science based climate action needed. It is your duty as our member in Parliament to protect the people of Geelong. Current action is very far from sufficent to protect us from climate change. 
  • I come to you as a father of three young adult children who wants to express genuine hope, to them, for their future especially in relation to climate change. Right now, I can't say to them that climate change will not evolve to climate catastrophe. 
  • It is now 2024 - Time is running out. For my grandchildren's sake please, "No more new fossil fuel developments".

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  1. The next election will be a do or die election for us all and for real climate action. In the meantime let’s all join together and send 100’s of Letitions to our local members.

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