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APRIL 2024 LETITION: Stop Woodside’s Northwest Shelf project
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APRIL 2024 LETITION: Stop Woodside’s Northwest Shelf project


You’re busy, we’ll keep it as short as possible.

A very big “Hi” from the A Different Approach Community (ADAC) team and membership to all who have generated and sent a Letition to their local Member of Federal Parliament. We now wish to spread the word futher.

The Letition project team also welcomes you to this month’s Letition. It is for everyone to use to shine a positive light on the darkness of our very real climate concerns.

The system is working - by you sending your Letition message and light to Canberra today, and every month.

Powerful together
A little news on Geelong. If it can work in Geelong then it can work for you, for all of us.Over the next few weeks, come on a Geelong climate ride with us. We hope this Geelong ride will not only succeed but give others the idea they can also repeat this new and growing approach in their own electorates. This project is so simple and it can all be done online; it is exciting and powerful.

Climate-conscious Australians and several Geelong climate groups, in both Corangamite and Corio, are working together and have been emboldened by the number of Letitions sent to their local Parliamentarians in Geelong - and to the 67 Federal Parliamentarians across Australia.

As a very direct result of so many people now using (see the list of postcodes in action), a Geelong West Town Hall meeting has now been called on 9th of May for the community to come together.

Earth flag in front of West Geelong Town Hall

Change the narrative
Further, this positive approach in Geelong allows us, the community, to explore and move to change the narrative in this massive climate space. Our best chance to do our bit in Geelong is to move our local Parliamentarians, and in fact pressure these local members to commit to taking our very urgent message to Canberra.

While you are following us in Geelong over the next 5 weeks, please support us by spending 6 minutes and continue sending your Letition to your local member in your electorate. We in Geelong will continue with persistence.

Also please wish us success at the Geelong West Townhall meeting on 9th of May at 5:30pm.

Pressure to be applied
As you can see we are small but powerful. Over the last months, it has been you creating this power. Read some of the hundreds of comments Letitioneers have written in their personal notes to their Local Member.

Imagine if you and many more climate groups promoted Letitions further. Thousands would be sent then tens of thousands. That would be pressure for climate change.

So many people are now calling - screaming! - for pressure to be applied. Please help us to apply this important pressure.

Statistics on March Letitioneers

The last ADAC email was sent across Australia on 1st March to 856 people. You were one of those. The March “Duty of Care’ Letition is available at You can still send the DoC Letition.

People from Cairns to southern Tasmania received the notification, 415 people opened the email, 67 people sent Letitions in March to their local member.

A total of 81 Letitions were sent in March, some people sending 2 or 3.

Since the improvements to automise the Letition site, 476Letitions have been counted and sent.

While the site was run manually, over 960 Lettions were sent across Australia, 120 from Geelong Letitioneers to their two local members.

Since going auto, Geelong people have sent another 92 Letitions, a total of 212 to the two local members in Corio and Corangamite, Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles and Ms Libby Coker MP.

212 Letitions lead to the 9th of May meeting
The upcoming meeting in Geelong on the 9th of May is as a direct result of the 212 Letitions sent by all the Geelong Letitioneers. A fantastic result and still growing.

It is now also seen that another meeting is looking good for Ballarat with 41 Letitions so far sent to Catherine King and expanding.

ACT is set to call a meeting they have 15 Letitioneers in Canberra who have sent 25 Letitions to their local members. Neighbouring electorates Fenner and Bean are also sending Letitions. Senator Katy Gallagher and David Pocock have received their Letitions. Our shared power is growing.

At the Geelong meeting:
• People across Australia will be watching very closely, including parliamentarians.
• If successful in Geelong, people will follow with their own meetings, demanding action.
• Observers and speakers are coming to the Geelong meeting from Melbourne and further afield - Exciting!

The meeting is already feeling so positive towards getting our message from Geelong to Canberra. It is hoped other electorates will do the same.
► Media release about the meeting

If you send monthly Letitions, then the message grows - and as a direct result you may also hold a meeting in your electorate to change the narrative in Canberra.


CO2 levels must be reduced.
Gas and coals developments cannot continue.

Have you sent your Letition? Great! Now ask your climate concerned group, friends, family and neighbours to send theirs:

► Read the new Letition 

► Generate and send your Letition: Fill in to receive the Letition.

► See the numbers: How many have been sent?

► Visit the Letition site for more.

Information: and 0414 328 230

The Letition team and now hundreds of Letitioneers are asking éveryone to join and give a few minutes to help with this monthly climate change Letition campaign. Thanks to all who have already sent their March Letition.

View this month's Letition and see the numbers at 

Thursday 9th of May: Getting together on climate action in Geelong. Read more on Eventbrite 

We have produced a video, which explains about the Letition idea and how the system works:
Letition: the power of us coming together

The video features Jenna, a Geelong resident and a mum to four children, who is also co-producer of the video. In this clip Jenna explains why she decided to take this step. Share the video with your friends 

View some of the many comments letitioneers have writteh to their Local Members 

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